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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The No Need Speech

GW Bush seems to have given a speech last Thursday. It's hard to understand why, aside from the need his advisors must have felt to tighten up his sagging fortunes. He wasn't likely to say anything that he hadn't already said recently or deep in the past either -- though let's note that the other day GW Bush may have done a real first for him. Till then one of the main charges against him had been that he would never ever say that he was sorry about anything. Suddenly he announced that he took full responsibility for all shortcomings in the Government's response to the crisis in New Orleans.

I doubt that the edgiest of his supporters applauded that. They most likely took that as a sign of weakness. And despite my dismay with people who are so convinced of their infallibility that apology is totally beyond them, GW Bush and his people are so far gone in their attempts to move the country ever closer to the edge of "the black pit," and I am so far gone in my aversion to them and this attempt, that I still can't help being suspicious.

GW Bush was severely hampered in making this speech, because he is in a padded cell of his own making. He couldn't say something really meaningful, such as that he wants to rescind those tax cuts so as to make available the money that is so greatly needed to rebuild New Orleans and the surrounding area. Also he couldn't use the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to give the same bogus impression of strength and decisiveness that he used to snow the nation after 9/11.

What GW Bush needs, so as to follow his normal wayward path, is to find a way to say that Katrina's ravages threaten the nation's freedoms. But right now even the most obtuse of his generally obtuse supporters would find that statement to be absurd ...maybe.

But the Bush crew can hope. I'm told that his chief handler, K. Rove, is in the hospital dealing with kidney stones and so presumably isn't fully available at the moment for the advice to which GW Bush normally hews.

In the quietness of his room Rove could be thinking that he would have cautioned against that speech. The polls a couple of days later showed Bush with even lower approval numbers.


Blogger andante said...

The Bush crowd truly believes that all Bush ever need do is appear in public and millions will bow before him.

It's a sad commentary on the state of the nation and society that a president *taking responsibility" is actually NEWS.

Of course, I'm not sure what it means that Bush "takes responsibility". I suspect it only means he said the words someone else wrote.

1:56 PM  

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