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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Once upon a time not so long ago there was a Republican U.S. senator from Virginia named Scott. He was a nothing type of person, which is typical of those from his party who somehow are propelled into high office.

I remember him because of a remark that he made after he took a trip to Central America. It went something like this: "I saw the Panama Canal. It is an interesting place. The boats go through it in both directions."

A lot of hard-earned taxpayer dollars were spent so that he could bring back that stunning observation.

Yesterday, the man who presently sits at the big desk in the Oval Office toured the mud of New Orleans in a truck, and he came up with a matching bit of profundity to offer to the nation: "My impression of New Orleans is this -- that there is a recovery effort on the way."

After he left office, absolutely nothing more was heard from or about Scott. Is it too much to hope that a similar fate awaits all those who are the products of the same mold?


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