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Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Today I went to the surgeon's office for my 10-day post-hernia operation checkup. He said that my "wound" looks good. As he didn't tell me to come back again, to all intents and purposes he is finished with me.

And it is true that I have had a good, uneventful recovery, for a person with a three-inch cut across the right-hand top of his groin. I was never in excruciating pain and after four days all my plumbing was working as before and I was able to stop taking the Percocet.

I feel much better about things, though I still have to take it easy for a while yet. I can drive now, but I am still not allowed to lift more than 15 or 20 pounds, for another month. The only real drawback to that involves firewood. In another month the heating season will be on us in fits and starts, but luckily, even before the hernia appeared I cut, split, and stacked enough to get us well into the winter. (If the picture of my house were bigger, you would be able to see a beautiful stack in a previous year, under the deck on the lower left.)

I wonder if, so soon after a long season of bringing in firewood, my abdominal wall sprang that leak precisely because I didn't take a rest from it for a while, until the best season for wood-cutting arrived again, the beautiful days occuring right now, the fall. But it looks as if everything worked out for the best ...if I can stay on the good side of the 15 percent chance of my wall tearing again, on the other side, the left.

I'm depending on that. As I've already observed, the left is usually the more trustworthy of the two sides.


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