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Monday, September 08, 2008

Right About Wright

Predictably, the wealthy people who own the U.S. media financed trips by reporters to attend yesterday's Sunday services in a particular church in an unusually far-flung small town called Wasilla. This was because a couple of weeks ago one of the members of that church suddenly became nothing less than one of the only two people in the whole U.S. with a real prospect of becoming the next Vice-President of the U.S. in less than two months.

The reporters must've been disappointed. For one thing, though almost any place in Alaska is scenic, the setting at the end of a gravel road might've still been a little too humble for their taste, especially because though the building was new, everybody was using folding chairs -- not a welcome situation for people with over-commodious behinds. But worse was to come in the form of things that the pastor said and other things that maybe they hoped he would say but didn't.

He asked the several new faces not to burden his people during the services with requests for interviews. Then he lavished praise on not just that one member of his flock but instead on all four people now running to be President and Vice-Prez, expressing gratitude for their equal readiness to be of service to the country.

And then came the topper.

He echoed another pastor in a Baptist church in North Phoenix, Arizona some time ago, by pointing out that B. Obama's much maligned former pastor, J. Wright, should not have been attacked without first reading what he had to say, which implies also mulling over it in the attempt to understand just why he said such things.

However, for the title of the article that I read, its author seized on the part of the sermon that she must've found to be the most meaningful -- a request to the congregation that they pray for the media.

A lot of us have praying for that for a long time, but to no avail.

Well, at least those guys and girls can return to the Lower 48 while being able to say to their colleagues with the same smugness that legions used on returning to the U.S. after visiting Russia following the breakup of the Soviet Union, "I just got back from Alaska." I expect that that will be the only way the trip would have been of any value to them, outside of trip expenses that they can pocket, etc.


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