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Sunday, October 23, 2005

The GW Bush Legacy

As the Bush Gang is so incorrigible and their misdeeds so numerous that there's little chance that they will do anything to redeem themselves in their remaining three years, it's not too early to assess their legacy. And besides it's good for the soul to write as if the nightmare of their being in power is over at last. And in some ways it is.

The legacy of the two GW Bush administrations can't be clearer. It is devoid of great accomplishments that will have a lasting beneficial effect on the U.S. or on the world at large. Instead the Bush Co.'s era will be remembered as an age of disasters, some of which they brought about, while others they made worse for their own ends, and at least one of which they used for photo-ops.

I can mention five right off, though there are others.

The first was the putsch that put them in power in the first place. That alone tainted everything that they did subsequently, so much so that instead of gleefully running off with the prize, they would have done better for themselves and for the country to leave the ideology-stained Supreme Court out of it and instead allow massive recounts so as to have a cleaner start for whomever.

The second was collectively the massive tax cuts in a series of years that mainly amounted to payoffs for Bush's wealthy supporters. That money turned out to be desperately needed for the disasters to come.

The third consisted of the events of 9/11, in which Osama Bin Laden went a long way toward fulfilling GW Bush's earlier expressed desire to be a dictator.

The fourth was the unjustified invasion of Iraq, with the ensuing death-drenched occupation.

The fifth was one of the greatest natural disasters in American history, the reducing of an entire big city, New Orleans, to a big sludge bowl, by a hurricane.

To my recollection no other president has had such a long series of absolute catastrophes to occur on his watch. Despite that the people in power and their supporters congratulate themselves every day. The Fates, however, seem to have a different view of things. That ought to tell the people in the White House something, but they're not built to hear it.


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I wonder if in history, his will be known as the WTF Presidency...

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